Agora Red Rock Challenge 2023 Join the thrilling Agora Red Rock Challenge – Enroll Now!


Enrollment is open
Lace up your running shoes and dust off your mountain bikes:  the Agora Red Rock Challenge 2023 is LIVE!

Dear adventurous athletes,
Enrollment for the Agora Red Rock Challenge is now open!
Secure your spot in this unforgettable adventure by registering via this link:

Get ready to conquer the great outdoors of the Minett Region with the exhilarating Agora Red Rock Challenge!

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a casual outdoor enthusiast, this is your chance to test your limits and experience the thrill of running and/or mountain biking through stunning landscapes.

Challenge Details:
Choose between these exciting challenges or take them both head-on for the ultimate adventure:

  • Cross Duathlon single (21,2km/9,6km/18,2km) & Cross Duathlon team of 2 or 3 
  • MTB 40km (Tour)
  • MTB 61km (Tour & race)
  • MTB 76km (Tour & race)
  • 2 Day MTB Challenge 39km & 76km Race
  • Run Trail 10,5km
  • Run Trail 19,2km 
  • Run Trail 29km 

Why should you participate?

  • Challenge yourself: push your limits and achieve goals you never thought possible.
  • Stunning scenery: immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the red rock landscape.
  • Community spirit: connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for running and mountain biking challenges.
  • Prizes and recognition: of course we reward the first athletes arriving at the finish line with prizes.

Important reminder for the mountain-bikers on Sunday!
Don’t forget to ask your postal vote for the parliamentary elections on October 8th, 2023!
Concerns all mountain-bikers with Luxembourgish nationality.
Deadline for postal voting is 13th of September!

Take part in the early postal voting and be directly present at the event on Sunday 8 October 2023: Applying for postal voting

Don’t forget to regularly check our Facebook and Instagram, as well as the website to obtain the latest news and to find all the required information:

We are looking forward to seeing you on the 7th and/or on the 8th October in the southern region of Luxembourg, Belval.

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