Participants in the Cross-duathlon (CD) must wear their bib number on the handlebars and the second bib number on their back during the bike part and change it to the chest during the running discipline.

Participants in the bike disciplines (MTB) must wear their bib number on the handlebars.

Participants in running events must wear their bib number on the chest.

Wearing a bib is mandatory. Participants taking part without their bib will be disqualified and excluded from the race.

Transfer area Cross Duathlon

During the transfer, it is strictly forbidden to ride the bike in the transfer area; the bike must be pushed by the hand of the participant. Wearing the helmet in the bike park is mandatory.

Helmet / Equipment

Participants must ensure that their equipment is in good condition.
Cyclo-cross, Gravel-bikes are prohibited for the MTB or X-Duathlon races.
E-bikes are allowed for the MTB tours, but not the races.
Wearing a helmet is mandatory. The organizer of the Red Rock Challenge disclaims all liability for any accident, injury or property damage. The organizer shall in no event be liable for physical injury and / or property related to a fall, for whatever reason.


A chip will be integrated onto the bib number thus all the participants have to wear their bib as the integrated chip allows the time measurement with the chronograph.[……..
Teams will receive only one bib with integrated chip. The bib has to be handed over to the next team member into the transition zone. Without chip, the route will not be timed thus the participant will not be included in the classification.

Course Regulations

The maximum running time for each race is defined. Participants who exceed this time limit will not be included in the final standings. At the end of the predefined time a “bike broom” signals the end of the race. Participants wishing to continue beyond this time frame will be subject to the rules of the road and finish the race under their own responsibility. Cyclists who are forced to set foot must leave room for other competitors to pass on their left. All participants are asked to remain vigilant on public roads and pay attention to traffic since cars / shuttles will continue to operate on the route. The Luxemburgish Police will ensure Road safety. The Luxembourg Civil Protection, assisted by one or more physicians, will provide the medical service. Officials at Red Rock Challenge have subscribed to a civil responsibility insurance policy “RC Organizers” kind.

Respect of the environment/nature

Participants are asked to respect the environment. All waste must remain in the staging area. Participants are requested not to leave the designated trails otherwise they will be disqualified.

Cloakroom / Bike Park (CD)

A cloakroom / shower area is at the disposal of the participants to store their clothes the time of the race. The organizers strongly recommend that participants do not leave valuables and disclaims any liability in case of theft or loss. The organizer will also provide a closed bike park next to the cloakroom / shower area. To enter the bike park participants must show their bib number, which must match the bib number on the bike before access is granted. Without a bib bikes cannot be put in or out of the park. The organizer disclaims all responsibility for any damage to the equipment or other.


Participants take part in the competition at their own responsibility. The organizer cannot be held responsible for any accident or event caused by bad health or by individual gear. Participants who decide to abandon the race are asked to go to the nearest refreshment stand in order to catch the shuttle to be brought back to the finish line.
No refund will be paid in case of illness.

Cancelation of the event

In case of force majeure, natural disasters or other circumstances that endanger the safety of the participants, the organizers reserve the right to cancel the event.
No refund will be paid in this case.

Pandemic situation

The physical edition might be cancelled and replaced by a virtual edition during a pandemic situation. In this case, participants a free to convert his registering fee into a virtual participation. We will ensure to give the difference of % cash back.

People, which don’t like to register to a virtual race, can report the enrolment automatically to the next edition.

If the sanitary situation requires it, you have to wear your mask and respect social distancing of 2m.

Cloakroom/shower area will be closed; there will be no bike wash, no shuttle service & no refreshment points.

*Virtual edition:
Fully signed trails, virtual ranking
Offered trails: MTB 40km , MTB 61km , MTB 76km , 2 Day MTB Challenge (39km & 76km), RT 10,5km


The national Championship of the XC (Marathon) race will be organised under the current general UCI rules.

Age restrictions

Each participant recognizes and will respect the general age restrictions as set by the FLA, FLTRI and FSCL for endurance races.


Each participant allows Red Rock Challenge asbl to use his picture, audio and video recordings for marketing terms.

Final Remarks

Participants acknowledge that they have read these regulations and accept all the clauses.