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During this Duathlon, the participant starts with his Mountain bike (MTB) at Lycée Belval (High School) to join the Fond-de-Gras, a historic cultural industrial site (21.2km). From the transition zone, the running circuit (9.6 km) leads you past the middle of a natural reserve called “Giele Botter” an ancient open pit mine. Once the highest point reached, the participant will have a panoramic view from an ancient rock face all over the mining area. Back at the transition area, the participant leaves with his mountain bike (MTB) to head to the finish at the High School “Lycée Belval” (18.2km). But be careful while crossing the small enchanted village of “Lasauvage” (The wild), not to run into the “wild” and thus follow a legend ….,

Participants are required to store their running gear for the Cross Duathlon in a bag they receive when collecting their race number. 

Bags must be handed to the organizers before the start (1 hour before start) of the Cross Duathlon in the area outlined on the site map (see participant’s guide).

All gear will be temporarily stored in the enclosed zone provided at Fond-de-Gras.

After the race participants will be able to collect their bags in the changing rooms (Lycée Belval) from 02.00 pm onwards.

For the team runners: 

  • First starter @ Lycée Belval / MTB 21.2km (From Lycée Belval to Fond-de-Gras)
  • Second starter @ Fond-de-Gras / Trail Run 9.6km (From Fond-de-Gras to Fond-de-Gras)
  • Third starter @ Fond-de-Gras / MTB 18.2km (From Fond-de-Gras to Lycée Belval)

Cross Duathlon 49km (21.2km/9.6km/18.2km) // Single or Team of 3

12. October 2024


Point of supply: 2x Fond-de-Gras
Start : Belval, Lycée Belval
Finish : Belval, Lycée Belval
Start of the race: 09.30
Podium: 14.00
End of race: 18.00
Distance: 21.2km MTB // 9.6km Run Trail // 18.2km MTB
HM+: 640m
Age rules : min. 18 years old


> 20€ (01/05/2024 – 30/06/2024)
> 25€ (01/07/2024 – 01/09/2024)
> 30€ (02/09/2024 – 29/09/2024)
> 35€ (30/09/2024 – 12/10/2024)

Not included: Daily licence FLTRI

Team of 2 or 3:
> 40€ (01/05/2024 – 30/06/2024)
> 45€ (01/07/2024 – 01/09/2024)
> 50€ (02/09/2024 – 29/09/2024)
> 55€ (30/09/2024 – 12/10/2024)